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At the beginning it was all just a dream. The other day i had received a notification about Jay Park fan-signing in South Korea. I was living there for a few months and it was finally my chance to meet one of my favorite idols.
Although it was far away it was worth the try. When i finally got there. The line was very long but i had managed to have patience. Looking at him from afar i imagined everything he was a nice gentleman and has a very nice personality.
When it was finally my turn to get his signature. He looked at me and smiled. Of course i couldn't say anything so i just smiled back. He kept staring at me and then he focused on the paper. After it was over there was something written down on the bottom of the paper other than his signature, it was his phone number........
This is how you get hooked
wow...good start!! I guess jay park liked what he saw XD
But...but...why you....how you just... Please tag me in the rest!!! 😫😫😫
very good start looking forward to reading more
@thePinkPrincess yass girl he did!!! Lol😂
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