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You blinked, and the Mets are now down 2-0 in the World Series.

I knew the Royals were good, but I didn't have any idea how good.

Let's be very clear: Kansas City is an extremely good baseball team, playing at the absolute top of their game.

Last night, they got a complete game 1-run performance from their starter Johnny Cueto, who everyone figured to be worse than Jacob deGrom. Well, Cueto shined, while deGrom was great until the fifth inning when he unraveled completely.

I'll be honest, I fully expected that the Mets would be able to win one of two in Kansas City.

I figured that with Harvey and deGrom each having an advantage over their counterparts in Volquez and Cueto, the Mets' hitting would get enough done to scratch out a win. Not the case, apparently.

The Royals don't give up anything for free. It's that simple.

They hardly ever strike out, and Jacob deGrom - the king of strikeouts - forced a Royals' hitter to swing and miss just three times in his five innings. That's just purely shocking. The Royals fell down to two-strike counts lots of times, but they relentlessly foul off pitches and wait until the pitcher makes a mistake. When he does, KC pounces.
deGrom allowed three consecutive 2-out singles in the fifth inning, in an inning that ballooned to a 5-run KC advantage. After that, there was no looking back.

Is this series over? Absolutely not.

But the pressure is on for the Mets, no question about it. I think today's day off really helps them - it will slow down the Royals' roll, it will allow the Mets to regroup after having it absolutely taken to them in Game 1 and Game 2. All that, plus the fact that now the series shifts to Citi Field.
The Royals without a DH will become a slightly different team. In a lineup that has no real hole at home, suddenly the hitting-shy pitchers will have to bat. The Mets' pitchers, relatively speaking, are good hitters; the Royals' are not. Advantage Mets.

I believe that Noah Syndergaard can right the ship on Friday night. Really, I do.

But I'm nervous all the same. KC is really friggin' good.

They need to win!!!! I didn't see it, I was watching scary movies. 馃槈
Go royals. The Mets aren't my favorite especially now since they beat the Cubs
@BossDominata no joke man the Royals are serious @DannyMoses lethargic is the perfect word for it. uninterested
idk yesterday the mets looked lethargic and didn't play well they need to get a win game three or they are pretty much toast
@jeff4122 Royals came to play bro... that's wild...
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