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Doing the job counts, but dressing the part counts even more.

The job market is withering, but that doesn't mean your sense of fashion has to be doing the same. You have an interview with your dream job. You've never been one who was into the corporate world, so business suits are the least of your worries. You're an artist and a lover of fashion, which is why this job is perfect for you. When it comes to interviews you're usually extremely nervous, but you have absolutely no doubt in your mind that this job is yours. You're confident and you have this style that immediately brightens up any room. The only thing you have your doubts about is what to wear to your interview.
You never have an issue when it comes to dressing trendy, but you're so used to wearing business attire to interviews. You don't want to be too underdressed, but you also don't want to look like it's your first day of law school. You want to be somewhere in between -- the middle man. You rummage through your closet and to no avail, you're still clueless. Relax and allow me to lend you a helping hand, or in this case a voice. Check out the video below to gain inspiration on the perfect interview outfits that will be sure to land you your dream job in no time.

Ladies, what would you wear for a casual fashion interview?