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So I just started and I can't stop! I'm hooked and I even have like 3 Kuro pairings it's sad! Save me!!
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You should be. When the basketball gods decided to bless us with an anime...I don't think they knew about the harm they were causing. 馃槄馃榿馃槀
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well I have no life so harm me well Basketball Gods!! NO HOLDING BACK!! @ruffswami
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Haha, I think I could throw 3 different teams together. Not just three pairs. xD Kuroko no Basuke is a dangerous game, lol. Mind game that is. :3
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@Danse I agree with you there. I'm only in season 1 ep 15 and I have so many ORGs it's hilarious. and I swear I nearly went hoarse screaming at the players.
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Right!? I've read the manga and seen the anime and you can image the amount of screaming I've done so far. Internal screaming... but screaming nevertheless! lol You just wait, being only in season 1 you have a LOT more characters coming your way. :3 @LenaBlackRose
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