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Hello everyone. I am trying to learn Japanese and I enjoy the music very much but there are a lot of times where I can't understand it without subtitles. Does anyone know of some easy songs to help teach Japanese or just easy to learn the Japanese lyrics to? Thanks for any help.
I feel like lyrics would be one of the hardest ways to learn Japanese. Just like with English music, vowels are extended, shortened, distorted, and sometimes even skipped. In English, you can extend a vowel while you think of a word, and people will still understand you. In Japanese, there is no emphasis on a particular vowel over the others, and extending one adds another character to the word. In music, they'll tend to extend a single vowel to be longer than the other three combined. It throws me off, personally. But either way, good luck!
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If found some helpful music videos on YouTube under a channel called
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JTA by ken cannon
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