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I died when I saw the video seriously BTS in costumes are the best . V and that choker necklace though
I can't believe they are coming back in November. I hope they have rested. even though I miss them I want them to be in good health.
akdjfkenffndk *dead*
why are you guys doing this to me
Let's slay ~~
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I died when I saw suga as naruto
2 years ago·Reply
bts is life they are so cute and hot
2 years ago·Reply
looks like I'm all for the dark side :^) Darth Vader never looked so good.
2 years ago·Reply
I found it, Japanese egg cartoon, his name is gudetama @cindystran @CheyenneJessee also np Lol
2 years ago·Reply
LOL I can't take them seriously in this outfit
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