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Singing in the car and memorizing the dance moves from the MV, while your non KPop friend is sitting next to you wondering what the eff you're doing. I heard some people say to me "Well, I don't get Kpop!" You're not suppose to get it, you're suppose to enjoy it like any other music! Except Kpop is exceedingly magical, catchy as fuck, and mesmorizing! But whatever makes you feel good, that's good for you. Kpop just happens to that one, that makes me feel good.
This is so true! That's how my friends react when K-Pop is playing on my older sisters radio. I might not memorize most of the moves and if I don't I make my own!
So much yes in this post! Why stop it if it isn't hurting anyone and it makes you happy? πŸ˜„
yes!! my friends and family just tell me i need help and when people ask me how /why i listen to it kpop if i cant understand it , they just dont understand that its not one bit about understanding but about the feeling the music has and the way it makes you feel
I agree totally ^-^