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I never really thought about all the links that occur in costume making the first time... I didn't sew anything to try avoid an issue with me measuring wrong or what ever since I'm budgeting for this. I wanted something similar to my looks and basic in design plus I wanted something that hair color upkeep and match would be simple and similar to mine... So I didn't need extentions/wefts or wigs.... Since they get hot and sweaty and itchy after a long day for me at least... It took me four months to pick a subject then I found her! I was playing zelda ocarina of time for the billionth time remembering how nostalgic it is a game for me being the game my dad and I bonded over. Anyways your best friend when you wake up in the beginning of the game is "Saria" she is the most loyal and kind friend a person could have..... So I said "why not saria!?" I already had green hair. My face shape and nose shape were similar... But I needed blue eyes and that tunic she wears ..... It took me 3 months to acquire the sweater, a green dress same length and color as the tunic instead of a tunic, green boots with a slim pointed toe, shorts for under it, tights in flesh tone, a head band in a matching green to the boots and sweater.... But I got them.... And all on Amazon.. Then I decided to find my contacts, a friend suggested a site to me I tried it but they sent me light blue instead of dark blue and they expire in 3 mths after opening so I didn't find that out till later.. It took them 2 months to arrive. After I had it all I realized being a shut in otaku I didn't know how to do make up, my job is a cosmetologist: meaning I do hair, skin care, nails, make up..... On other people .... I never did my own make up so I ran to the Internet for advice it was a bad Idea...... So I decided to make it natural and deal with it.... Lol had to buy a template and all the make up..... Lastly I decided people might not get who I was if I didn't have props, so I made a fairy and a forest sage medallion, but my cat broke the original so I had to start a new one, first one was a shoulder mounted fairy out of foam rubber clay, very heavy and wing span was into my head ...... New one is gonna be on a pole with a line to hang on and bounce and it stays further from my body to prevent hitting me. Only flaw will be removing it while I walk in crowds... Or holding it ..... My event is now in 2 days and I'm finishing my fairy remake and am worried I won't make time, worried people will judge my outfit harshly, maybe I won't be cute enough in it ....... Any advice for my jitters? Anyone got advice to how to make some costume stuff easier? Next year I'm thinking of making another zelda theme costume since I have two now one of which isn't of anyone.... Call it the "cucco mafia...." What should I do next? I'm thinking ruto or the Lou Lou ranch girl who gives u epona I forget her name....
The battle with make up....
Trying to make a fairy....(1)
Trying to make a fairy still (2)
The outfit, I painted the head band and belt to match the proper colors later on the dress is jelly green the sweater and boots are hunter green same shade but the picture looks odd colors ....
@aznwanakati idk but i like the time and effort u put into this it will look great
Why does it say I can't view an image I took??
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