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BTS is wishing us a Happy Halloween from South Korea! ♡
Our Pink Princess is a pumpkin. How cute. ♡
Vampire V~. ♡ He looks like BamBam a bit.
J-hope in his Star Wars gear. ♡
Baby Suga is Naruto. ♡
Namjoon as Gudetama. ♡
Jungkook as Detective Conan. ♡
Jimin as Mickey Mouse! Adorable! ♡
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Suga is my Bias but Jimin is rocking the Micky wear! 💜
2 years ago·Reply
Rapmon is supposed to be an egg yolk 😄
2 years ago·Reply
jungkook is Conan
2 years ago·Reply
at first on the second pic jimin it look like he was flipping the bird with the mickey mouse hands and then i saw his thumb
2 years ago·Reply
too adorable to resist 😭
2 years ago·Reply