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They have a lingo for everything.

So, of course they weren't going to pass up on creating a lingo specifically for dating. We live in a society where dating apps and social media have created thousands of current relationships -- and believe it or not, a lot of them are flourishing. Don't sleep on the world of online dating, it literally is the norm these days.
If you happen to be rather reserved and prefer to meet someone the old fashioned way, by all means be my guest and good luck with that. You'll be back over on this side before you know it, no shade thrown. Keeping it casual is the new normal for those people who want the comfort of having a significant other without rushing into things too soon. If you're an avid dater or you happen to be considering dabbling a bit, keep scrolling to learn the terms that every casual dater should have in their vocabulary.
Textlationship: Slightly confusing but potentially a great ego boost, a textlationship is just about texting. You might get all crazy shooting lots of sizzling one-liners, but you'll probably never meet IRL. But if you're OK with that, who cares?
Megadating: This is exactly what it sounds like. You date several people at one time without being in one mutually exclusive relationship. But it does kind of turn into an every-day-of-the-week thing. Enjoy it while you can, right?
Ghosting: This is when you go dark. You went on a date, or maybe a couple, and aren't feeling it, so you disappear. No more texts, emails, calls — it's like you never existed.
DTR: When only wanting to casually date, you definitely need to define the relationship (DTR) straight up. Let the person know you're only looking for a chill relationship and you don't see that changing anytime soon.
Thirsty: This is when someone you're seeing starts getting too eager for attention or wants more time than you're into. When this happens, let them down easy or simply ghost them.
Self-preservation: This is when you'd rather have the person you've been on one or two dates with simply go away. You're OK with him or her sending a few texts and checking in, but when you don't respond, and then they don't, you're more comfortable thinking they're just busy or whatever. Because it's not you.
Bumble: You might be on Tinder, maybe still have an active account, but Bumble is the new place to scope out future dates. The site is set up for women, letting her make the first move when she sees something she likes.
Lumbersexual: A new version of the metrosexual, these guys are still into looking good, but with a bit of a rugged side. We're talking man buns, tattoos, perfectly groomed beards, and probably something plaid.

Are you pro-casual dating or rather keep things traditional?

You know me @jordanhamilton – I'm totally pro casual dating! :) It's how I stay busy and happy in the meantime while I wait for the right guy to come along. But once I find the right guy, then I'm superserious about traditional dating. Exclusive, committed, meeting each others families... etc. :)
I think I'm starting to become the same way & I'm actually okay with that!! I'm just trying to be patient, it's hard @allischaaff