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For @DasiaB hope u get the feels girl
....... I kept closing and opening my eyes over and over again trying to believe it was not real, then i looked back at him and he turned his head my way, he waved and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. After i left, at my home i was sitting on the couch thinking about today and asked my self: "Should i call him?, Should i give him my number too?". Taking pretty long to think about it i ended up actually texting him. Nervously i stood walking back and forth thinking if i was crazy. After just a few minutes he texted back saying: "Hey, i would like to get to know you more, i will send you the directions to where i want to meet you. Hope to see you there tonight at 8:30 pm.". Immensely surprise i couldn't believe my eyes. I started acting like a freak but soon kept my cool. Sense i only had an hour to get ready, i hurried to my closet and toke out all my dresses and casual outfits. Many thoughts came through my head, mostly because he is a celebrity many cameras will be hiding.... but it was worth it. Later, i went to the place he wanted me to be at, it was a very big cafe surrounded by many rose bushes, and there he was. I approached him with calm as if he was just another normal person. He noticed i was there and came over to me. I could tell he was nervous and couldn't come up with words sense all he did was stare at me and mumbling. I let out a giggle but quickly shut my mouth. When he could finally led out a word he toke me to the first seat he found. Jay: " Soooooo, ummm, i noticed you are a fan of mine. What's your name?" Me: " My name is Alicia, and yes i am a fan of yours hehe" Jay: " I can tell you are a very kind person. Also, i can see that you are only living here for a few months?" Me: " Oh yes, i will only live here for about 2 more months. But then again, i can always stay a little longer..." Jay: " You are so beautiful" Me: * His eyes met with mine* The conversation went on as if nothing else mattered, many laughs and eye contact. After that, he toke me to a very beautiful park also filled with red rose bushes. We walked through the park sharing stories about our lives and as he was telling me one of his stories, he leaned close to me and toke my hand. He said that sense there was no one at the park the dark made him feel scared. I hesitated but in the end it was really adorable so i went along with it.
When he drove me home, i turned around and noticed how tall he was from up close. We stared at each other for a while but soon the silent was broken with the wind flow. He spoke of how he had a great time and how it felt good to hold my hand. He toke out a bright red rose, saying that while we were at the park he bought a bright red rose. Jay: I didn't know if you liked red roses so i grabbed one for you, i hope to see you again Miss Alicia. I also hope you had a great time. Me: I did thanks so much for the rose i love it. Sense i couldn't contain my self i gave him a kiss on the cheek. He started blushing and made a big smile and left.
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Yass the feels give to me!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘