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Hulk Hogan's image hasn't been the same since the leak of the sex tape and racist rant in 2012.
In an effort to clean his name of any wrong doings, Hogan has went full force in a suit with Gawker. Three weeks ago, a Florida court ruled that Hulk Hogan would be allowed to rummage through Gawker’s e-mails and communications in the search for evidence proving they leaked to The National Enquirer the racist rant that got Hogan fired and scrubbed from WWE.
Gawker hasn't backed down though, and are doing all they can to protect their company and standing as well. Gawker is trying to file a stay of proceedings, their points include: a timeline of what’s contained in the Hogan sex tape has been circulating since March 2012 and many of the involved parties were aware of the offensive content and that Gawker never had proof of the racism at all, because Hogan “successfully thwarted Gawker’s efforts to obtain that proof or take any discovery about the contents of the timeline and transcripts.”
While all of that is interesting, the juicy part is the follow up from Hogan's lawyers on the authenticity of the tape.
According to Hogan's lawyers, the offensive language from the tape is:
an extortionist manipulating the audio through an impersonator, or who knows what, and adding things.
I mean, I can't believe they are even trying to get that off in this situation. We all know Hogan is paying top dollar for this defense team, so is this the best they can give him in this situation?
If an impersonator is the best thing they have cooking they may want to drop this case now before they really get exposed.
This is ridiculous. It is a point of pride @nicolejb you're right!
yeah, i’ve been following this lawsuit and a lot of this just sounds like BS. I think it’s just an issue of pride and people need to get over it.