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We have all had bad experiences with Airlines before in the past, but but D’Arcee Neal’s issue with United takes the cake.
Neal has cerebral palsy and says he was forced to crawl off a United flight after employees failed to provide him with a wheelchair or any further assistance.
The incident happened in Arlington, Virginia where Neal was returning from San Francisco, a city where he was a guest speaker on disability-accessible transportation.
The airline didn't have a wheelchair available to assist him to get off the plane or transport to the restroom. During the flight, Neal needed to use the restroom and no one replied for assistance in a timely manner. Seeing that no one was coming to assist him, Neal began to crawl up the aisle from the center of the plane to the doorway so he could use the restroom.
The story has picked up steam and has become a national eyesore for United. In a conversation with NBC, Neal said “I mean, it’s humiliating. No one should have to do what I did. Half the time, I feel like airlines treat people with disabilities as a secondary concern.” United has apologized for the incident and has offered Neal 300 dollars in compensation over the issue.
United can do better than a 300 voucher and a crummy press statement on this one. This issue needs to be addressed with a bit more respect.
oh no but I thought United was good! this is so so so upsetting!
You're right, @christianmordi. They Can do better and they need to, quickly. What a humiliating experience for this man!! Smh. Sad.