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Projection mapping. That's what you call this style of come-to-life animation. In the case here, it's a wedding cake that gets the magic touch from Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. This if for the bride and groom that wants to turn the cake into an exceptional entertainment piece. It's more than just cake. It's a spectacle! If this is something that you want, yet you don't desire Disney-specific thematics, then you can have virtually any projection mapping service provide you with your own custom thematic. Projection mapping isn't necessarily new, though it hasn't been around (for the general public) for very long. Up until as recent as five years ago, this was the stuff you'd see for professional scale entertainment purposes. Nowadays, your cake (and more) can get this kind of treatment. With more entertainment service providers offering this, the price is beginning to get competitive. But don't expect this on the cheap. You can expect to pay $10,000 for about 60 seconds of projection mapping. For more awesome and inspiring cakes be sure to click here!