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The Surfer - as the herald for the planet devouring Galactus - reaches out to grab the Earth's moon. In an interview with Norrin Radd (AKA The Silver Surfer) it was finally revealed what attracted him to the worlds he decided to feed to Galactus. In a recent Marie Claire interview Norrin discusses his home world and family openly for the first time and when asked, "Why Earth? What did you look for when selecting planets as the Herald for Galactus?" Norrin responded with an unexpected and surprising answer; he'd look for planets with beautiful moons. When asked, "Why?". His response was wry, "Because the only way to possess a thing of beauty is most often most associated with the power to destroy it." When a profoundly shocked Nina Garcia asked if this was something that was a common belief on his home world, Norrin smiled briefly and said, "No not really, I learned of this concept just recently when I watched "Fight Club" at Brad Pitt's house with him, George Clooney, and Justin Timberlake. It just seemed to make sense on some grander cosmic level." There's been no word from Jared Leto's reps about the comment. We'll keep you posted if anything new comes from these shocking revelations.
Shot with a Nikon D4s & Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.4G lens about 30 minutes after sunset. I had to lean over the railing of a porch - on the side of a mountain - to get the moon positioned just right. I then underexposed the image (as the exposure suggested by the camera was metered to the brightness of the moon) - so that the entire image wasn't a wash of light - this is where knowing you camera and knowing equivalent exposure calculations is vitally important. If you simply go off the camera's spot meter - you're not going to get a good exposure because there's too much difference between the lightest and darkest areas of the frame. Even at the estimated 10-11 stops the D4s provides, this is easily a 16-18 stop difference. It would be difficult to capture with Kodak Vision 3 film stock (rated at 15 stops). Bracketing is another way to compensate - allowing the camera to shoot under and over-exposed frames while shooting the exposure recommended by the camera's spot meter. In the end - if you are not sure - shoot and look at what you got. Adjust your shutter speed until you get something that you know you can work for. Shoot for the middle - so you have enough exposure above and below where you shot to pull the image up or down. The last thing, by shooting the image looking at the hand for exposure - if you allow too much light from the moon through - the detail of the fingers gets lost in the noise.
@shannonl5 - what did you think of my little story above? - not the camera stuff... Ha ha!
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@JonPatrickHyde it's a great concept ^_^
I keep hoping that someone will get a kick out of my "Project Runway/Marie Claire" and "Fight Club" tie-ins. Hahaha!
@JonPatrickHyde haha, I caught Fight Club but I'm sadly ignorant when it comes to Project Runway haha
That's why it's so funny and random... I'm not a project runway watcher. I actually was channel surfing last week and came across it. watched a few minutes and thought it was interesting, a lot of creative and artistic effort goes into designing clothes. but the show overall made me want to poke my eyes with flaming sharp objects... preferably bio hazardous or otherwise toxic so I'd die pretty fast.
@JonPatrickHyde XD yeah I'm not really big on reality tv... something about it just gives me this creepy feeling.