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SiWon's OST Alert!
So a while ago I posted an update that SiWon had said that there was a SURPRISE for all of us in episode 9. {Sadly, because of a baseball game :(, we are now an episode behind, :/, and I was TOO upset that week that only one episode was up.} But the good news now is that we are now able to listen to SiWon's wonderfully beautiful voice in his OST, by the tittle of ONLY YOU!!
Not only is SiWon's voice soooo beautiful, like always, but also the Lyrics and the tittle of the song are super sweet & beautiful.
[BTW, I wonder what those 24 people(at the time of this update) did not like about the song?]
I love this song! It's such a good one and it goes with his character really well.
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I've been waiting for the Siwon OST! He has one of my favorite voices of Super Junior :)
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