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Hello again guys! So I just have been dying to talk about this app I found with you all. It's called Memrise and it has helped me a lot with learning Korean. I have started off with the Alphabet and not only have I learned it very quickly but it also was super fun. It gives you cute little was to remember the sounds and the way the letter is written. I am now starting on common korean words/phrases, a bit more challenging. This is really good for me because it is like on the go quizzes. I just thought I would share for all of you out there trying to learn ❤
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thanks for this :'D
Thanks so much @BambiTheFawn for the suggestion! I've been looking for some good apps to learn Korean :3 this one looks promising~
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I have been looking for something to help me with Korean, I didn't want to pay $300 for RosettaStone. I just downloaded this app and it's AMAZING!!
Same @staceyholley but I'm gonna try to get RosettaStone around Christmas time anyway. It's hard to find something that is on the go since I'm at school all the time, and this app is just perfect for that.
@BambiTheFawn I still have RosettaStone on my Christmas list but this is so perfect to get started with! I've shared with my friends and they love it too!