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Song Of The Day: Jay Park - HOT
Alright i get it Jay Park as he said his self in his Song "Who the F*ck is U" is HipHop not Kpop lol .......but would you let me slide if i said he's popular
(alot more popular then me so POP bam lol)
Besides i was really feeling this song this morning :P
No? what if i add in some super sexy abs .....would that sway you?
still no....?
What if i added in some super sexy G-Dragon for a Crayon/Hot remix ~(^.^)~
How does Jay Park make you feel? (Do you like him? Do you dislike him? Let me know)
Have a great day guys and don't forget to


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Yaaaaassss...jay park all the way.
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Best mashup I've ever seen *_*
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