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Include all advantages and disadvantages
Well the earring fusion is supposed to be stronger so I'd say Vegito would win.
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one has a time limit which is a huge disadvantage
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@EstefanOlivares That's what I'm saying
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Vegito and Gogeta should have the same power, but old kai said that the potara earrings is stronger than the fusion dance. plus like you mentioned the time limit, which is like 15 to 30 mins. I'd have to go with vegito.
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@BAKERR3 The only thing is to me. Fusion dance in my opinion wouldn't be stronger because they have to be at equal power level. While potara doesn't matter about changing energy levels. I hate the fact that a bunch of gogeta fans always say he is stronger. But don't fully know facts. I'm happy you sided with vegito.
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