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Hi my name is Diego and I'm new here. I love music and sports and enjoy hanging out with friends like most people. I'm very attached to my guitar and a select few anime series. I also like to draw, write, poems, and exercise. Vingle seems very community friendly and I would like to draw from others ideas and requests. Learning more and getting to know others... So let's get to know each other!
Naruto is and ALWAYS will be my favorite show of all-time. And just a little notice here, I am quite the nerd when it comes to it. I haven't ruled out other anime series though. I'm just very attached to this particular one. My favorite character is Sasuke, who is yours?
When it comes to games I have a wide variety of them that I like to play. Zelda is definitely one of them. Its a remarkable game franchise and I've enjoyed the times playing through the revolution of it. Other games include Madden, Halo, COD, Super Smash Bros., Guitar Hero, Naruto Storm. The games I've listed are the games I excel best at and will continue to try to do the same with the newer versions. (Although I still haven't adjusted well to the new generations).
That's a quick swoop of what I like but there are several other things to discuss and if you're interested follow me and friend me. Thanks
Welcome to Vingle, @DiegoReymundo. I'm Stacey. I'm one of the moderators over in News, but I'm a huge anime, music, gamer, sports fan. I write poetry. I look forward to chatting with you! :)
Dude, I want to see one of your drawings!!
@DiegoReymundo Nice hope to see you around on Vingle more often!
basketball and football my trams are the blazers and the seahawks.
Hey! Welcome to Vingle! I'm Michael, the Sports community moderator. What are your favorite sports and teams?