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@dianacastaneda it would be dongsaeng or yeodongsaeng and for a brother it would be dongsaeng or namdongsaeng. the yeo and nam just clarifies wether it's a boy or girl.
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Diana, you call the younger sister 여동생 (yeodongsaeng)
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theres no phrase by which an older sister calls a younger sister ?
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Aunts and uncles are actually quite difficult because there are so many words for specific descriptions of those aunts and uncles (it's better to look them up). If you're talking in general, aunt is 이모 (imo) and uncle is 삼촌(saamcheon). Cousin is 사촌 (sacheon)
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@DianaCastaneda no, I've asked my Korean friends. they don't even use yeodongsaeng or namdongsaeng to refer to them, just their names.
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