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Of course there is nothing better than going to sleep and dreaming of your lovely bias and for me it happens every once in while but rarely with the love of my life(for some odd reason i dream of everyone but him especially V ) and it finally happened and it was seriously the cutest dream ever i seriously woke myself up at like 3am because i said aww too loud(jiyongi did a thing and it was too much) but i had to share this with you guys because this was the best dream ever!
Soo it started off really weird me and my sister were at some korean market in china by the great wall( i have no clue why)the whole market was foggy but they had soooo much kpop merch especially BigBang so of course you know me i bought some then we left through some pathway that led us to the airport(again my dreams are extremely weird).From there we walked on the plane which somehow turned into a mall haha but basically we were walking around and while i was looking at something in a window at this store, I suddenly felt someones hands cover my face and since my sister was the only one with me i thought it was her playing around(because of course we were in Korea noone from there knows me) and then when the person uncovered my eyes i was in some lounge type hangout place and who did i see .The most beautiful human bean ive ever seen in my life Jiyongi. i seriously could not believe it and i was speechless at first and hes like Do you like what i did with the place and i just played it cool like i wasnt dying internally and nodded. then while we were sitting there a few of his friends ,my sister and top came in and joined us. The whole night we were talking , joking around , just hanging out like we've know each other for years..... (heres where is got too adorable for me to bare) So we were all sitting around and having a random water fight initiated by Top(even in my dream hes the same goofball lol) and my sister went to throw water at me but jiyongi leaned in front of me(we were all sitting on the ground) and do you want to know what the cute loser said! he literally said "No ones touching my beautiful Girl" and he ended getting his beautiful hair wet so i being the kind human bean ran my fingers through his beautiful hair to shake the water out(that was killing me) and then i kid you not that life ruiner looked at me after shaking out his hair one more time (top made a comment about us getting married) he smiled the biggest most beautiful Jiyongi smile and said "Hes right "and he grabbed my hand and as soon as he touched my hand in my dream i let out the loudest awwwww and woke myself up i was so upset like why couldnt my brain let me finish that fabulous dream it was soo perfect he was just the biggest sweetheart ever and i nearly died haha i couldnt sleep after that
omg i wish i could dream like that loooool, that was sooo funyyy and cutee.. i kep laughing and smiling while reading this in school ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
It sounds sooo perfect, I've woken myself from dreams with him so many times, its incredibly frustrating!! @Marilovexoxo
@ladygdragon right!! im soo mad for waking my self up but he was just too adorable and his smile ughh its too perfect
I just awed out loud, that was the cutest dream ever!!!
gwiyeobda! beautiful dream
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