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Anime theme songs to work out to
So I know I def want "let me hear" by Fear,and loathing in Las Vegas. Anything else you guys can think of along the same lines?
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Gansta. Op: 'Renegade' || Ao no Exorcist Op: 'In My World' || Gantz: 'Super Shooter' || Cowboy Bebop: 'Tank" || Singeki no Kyojin: "The Relectant Heroes" || Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann- 'Sorairo Days' || Boom boom satellites: 'Shut up and Explode' ((These are just some of my work out tunes...may not be to your taste. o.O Bleach & Naruto have a lot of upbeat tunes as well.))
Honestly there is tons of awesome music out there. A lot of times the best songs aren't the opening or closing ones, so they're tough to find. I like to cruise soundtracks on youtube and see if I can find any diamonds. You should try it some time. :)) You'd be amazed at what you find.
I'm sure I will be. Whenever people introduce me to music I usually like it, I guess I just need to start finding stuff for myself too 馃榿