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I'm pretty sure of you guys have seen my account already and are I bet your probably like "Who is this person?" "Why she commenting but not posting?" To answer those I'm only been commenting so far because I have no idea what to write πŸŒΈπŸ˜‚πŸŒΈ so I'm gonna do some random facts and answer some questions...
Favorite Kpop groups?: To be honest my closest friends have been calling me the wiki if Kpop boy groups ...but here is the list of which artist I fangirl over 🎢🌸🎢 *Bangtan boys *Block B *Infinite *Uniq *Shinee *Up10tion *Super Junior *Epik High *Beast *24K *MBLAQ *BTOB *BigBang *U-Kiss *Exo *Teen Top *Monsta X *B1A4 *Seventeen *Madtown *Nu'est *TVXQ *Vixx *Eric Nam *Winner *IKON *Got7 *Day6 *Toheart *B.A.P *2ne1 *F(x) This also includes the groups that have sub-units, soloist, and the group 😁 (That's not a lot.....yes I know too many boy groups.....)
I think this is it....I will answer your guys questions for me just leave it in the comments do below! Bye and thanks for reading! (#superjunior #yesung #heartbush)
@ReynadeKpop I love Rap Monster dancing! That's the best πŸ˜‹ You're welcome!
@DiandraTorres I love BTS's dances and unique style (same for Infinite) and Thank you for understanding ✨^~^✨
@ReynadeKpop BTS is amazing. I love them ^_^ It's fine. Your age shall stay a secret! 🀐🀐
Hey there! How old are you? :3 Do you have a certain group you like the most?
@DiandraTorres (Sorry I still don't know how to respond to people on here πŸ˜†) I don't really have a certain groups but most recently it has been Infinite and BTS. Also I kinda wanna keep my age a secret soo I'm sorry you can't know