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I'm doing this challenge because I want to contribute to the community a bit more... So... I have this app that randomly changes my wallpaper every hour to of course one of our beautiful oppas it stays blury until you double tap it~~ which is nice (well for me it is) Anyways!! I thought I'd take a screen shot of my wallpaper randomly and leave you guys to guess what k idol it is!! this time it's easy cuz it's just kpop idols~~ once I create the challenge again it may be actors/actresses and other famous Korean people So leave your guesses in the comment section below and I'll announce the winners later!!!!!! best of luck✌
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@EmilyGardner the one with glasses and hand near his face with the purple is Zion.t slaying life
2 years ago·Reply
what app is that
2 years ago·Reply
Zion.t from the second pic
2 years ago·Reply
and Jung Yonghwa
2 years ago·Reply
1) Kris ? 2) Zion.t 3) Yonghwa I had trouble with the first photo tho lol. Looked like Kris but someone else at the same time. But lets all hope it's Kris lol
2 years ago·Reply