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Halloween Party with BTS
So I woke up real early to watch this & for 20 mins it was working fine. Costumes: Rapmon: Eggbread(?)♡ Jin: Pumpkin (cute~)♡ Suga: Naruto (handsome♡ ^^) Jhope: Star Wars (he was so cute when he said I am your father)♡ Jimin: Mickey Mouse Wizard (ironically my Halloween costume is Minnie Mouse)♡ V: Dracula (very cute dracula)♡ Jungkook: Dectective Conan(awww he looks so cute)♡ They performed Dope and Boy in Luv & played random dance play for a while ,but then they had a black out at the studio (I think) so their connection broke. Later it started working again so they continue playing the fame where u act out something and another guesses. I got close to the end of the live stream when they were performing I Need U but I had to go to school so I didn't finish. But I heard Jimin cried at the end (awww). Anyway after going out of my way to wake up early, go through the broken connectin, and get scolded by my mom for almost missing the bus for BTS; In conclusion, it was worth it. I also took some screenshots and gathered some pics. So if anyone didn't see the live steam; they can see the screenshots.~♡
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