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When I have sucky days there are certain songs that I automatically go to that brighten my mood. I've decided to share some to maybe help brighten someone else's mood.
Winner - Empty
EXO - What is love
G dragon - Breathe
SHINee - up & down
G dragon - That XX
Song Mino - Fear ft. Taeyang
Now that I've bombarded you with songs, what are some of your go to songs?
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I'm just as guilty, and a number of songs on this 'list' are on my own 'cheer myself up' list
let's not fall in love (BB) 馃槉鉂も潳
For me Fantastic Baby (BigBang) and Good Boy (GD& Taeyang) can get me out of most funks.
Tho Just Right (Got7) is also a really feel good song.
my number one song is just one day by BTS....after that normal it jumps to xoxo by exo then my day is made