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Hello everyone! I'm new to this but oh well! Might as well tell about myself. My name is Brittani (pronounced brit-tuh-ny) and I am Canadian/American. I love kpop and everythig korean. I can speak several languages including -Korean -Chinese -Laos -French -Spanish -English(obviously) -Russian -Japanese and -Thai I grew up with the Laos culture because of an old step-parent. I currently live in the USA with family and yeah. 안녕!¡
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Woah! That's a lot of languages! I barely have a grasp on English- my native toung!
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@Cachet18 it's mainly because of the different cultures i grew up with but i taught myself most of them 😛
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@KimJigum So cool! A really amazing skill that must be. Which one(s) is your first language?
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English was my first language @Cachet18
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