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Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I guess it's because you have the power, if only for one day, to abandon your earthly intentions and be someone else. That power has led me to dress up and tune out for all 22 years of my life.
Halloween has always been special, partly because of the candy, and partly because of the spirit, but mostly because of the way it brings people together. You and your friends plan for months to achieve the best costume possible. You can partner up, go solo or wear nothing at all. It doesn't matter. All that does, is that you're celebrating all the darkness that surrounds us.
I remember one year, my sister and I couldn't figure out what to be. It was the moment before Halloween like...minutes before we were supposed to go out an trick or treat. I was 15 and she was 12. It was one of the last times I'd partake the tradition.
We ran upstairs and picked out two pairs of colored jeans and drew "Thing One" and Thing Two on matching baseball T's. We did it together though, and that was the best part.
My sister and I have grown apart, since I'm away from home working and she's in her second year of college. I remember that Halloween, because we came together and helped each other make a costume. It wasn't about being sexy or relevant. It was about being sisters.
It was one of the best costumes we ever made.
Aside from the costumes and the candy and the drunken parties, Halloween exposes the deepest and darkest things about humanity and ultimately makes fun of them. It calls into question death, dying, blood gore, legends and mysteries.
You can carve pumpkins and make them fun, scary or in between. You can get creative. Halloween gives us permission.
We see horror movies as currency for a good time. We look at all of the sadness and death around us and we dance in the streets. A good time is had by all and there isn't a worry, except for looking good and getting ghoulish.

We celebrate the grief of humanity. We embrace skeletons. We find solace in dark alleys. We enter haunted houses and get scared for fun. We live.

Halloween is a time where everything falls away and for one night you can be whoever you want to be. You can be a famous celebrity, a goblin or a ghoul, a vampire or goddess. You can choose your adventure, meet your destiny. You can be who you really are.
A lot of people use Halloween as a creative outlet, pouring hours and hours of focus, money and energy into perfecting their ideal costume. It's a labor of love. It's all about that moment that you unveil your creation to the world. And you pray that people recognize who you are.

Whether your 2 or 22, Halloween is a time to get scary, figure out what happens when night time comes, and understand that you only live why not be whoever you want to be. Halloween is freedom.

Your outfit is Tesstastic!!!
sisters are forever no matter how far or how. close
@InPlainSight thank you hahah. I love dressing up for any reason at all!
Awesome photo Nick hart
You're awesome @TessStevens!