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Halloween is this weekend and if you haven't already noticed from all my cards ... I AM SO EXCITED!
And what I love most about Halloween is the creative home made costumes!! And I have to say, these girls really nailed it last Halloween!!

Shark Week! Easy, creepy (for those afraid of sharks), and hysterical!! This was brilliant and cheap.

Mean Girls when Cady is officially in. Regina George is a style icon, stop trying to fight it.

When you trying to be cute, kind of slutty, but still more creative then a cat! I respect these wine boxes more then I thought I would respect a Franzia that I couldn't drink.

Because social media runs our lives and everyone will wanna tweet, gram, Facebook, and video these girls ripping shots at the bar.

I mean they were only the most important part about the chocolate factory! And you can have a huge group or just two friends and still look good #win

Those creepy naked dolls are back! If you wear this at the bar and a guy asks you what you are you easily know, "he's too young for you braaaaaaaaa"

Because nothing is sexier then Taco Bell. Period.

The Franzia one is kind of cute. I can't lie.
I usually like it mild but here I like it hot lol
Two years ago I was Jack the Ripper and my sisters were my victims
Love the iggy dolls! !!
First, I just have to say how much I miss the fire-roasted Taco Bell sauce... All of the costumes are great though, and very creative. Especially shark week. LoL
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