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The Dream House Project is an ongoing collection featuring the best in interior design and home decor inspiration. Source:
Oh, oh...I love this new collection you made. I love what they did with this building. It seems so bright and inviting.
It's my dream to live in a glass house. No boundaries. No barbed wires. Just see-through glasses.
me too!!! i love the open outdoor living but i gotta have some not that daring..
Well, I hope that you are able to fulfill that dream one day. It's a shame there's not more openness like this in more places. @cheerfulcallie Heehee, I can understand that.
Well, @cheerfulcallie, you can always have curtains, haha. And thanks @YinofYang, I'll try and turn that dream into a reality. It really is a shame that living spaces are so closed up these days.