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We do need a community for the fans of Supernatural . There are plenty of us that watch the show over and over and we can absolutely relate to the characters personalities.
We have are Dean moments and we do enjoy them... We protect and we save... We also go through things... Withdrawal when the show is not on... When we think Moose is dead or the Devil.. We understand the 66 seals...
Our awkward moment like Cas...
We have our funny moments.. With classic expressions.. We are everything... Plus Supernatural fans!
Lol... You all complete us. Vingle... A community please.. So we can connect on a "supernatural" level of awesomeness..
Xoxo L A "Winchester" von York @butterflyblu @shannonl5 please help me tag if you can :) ❄
Ooooh calling SPN fans! @DragonettiSWeet @AllanaChantel @D3ATHCHAS3R @cursedObsession @MizukiDreyar10 @LadyExperiment @bluerose101 @caitlind9898 @SarahHawkins @deansam416 @superwholocked @SierraWilson16 @SharayahTodd @Chibifox @nenegrint14 @AdiaJasinski @purplem00n23 @BeannachtOraibh @AshleyJewell @trin1991 @SterlingH89 @BloodNigh345t @princedrew676 @lanejlzero I think we've got to show Vingle that there's a lot of interest for the community! Maybe if we did an event for Halloween? We could do a bunch of cards and stuff to see who else is out there that loves the show!
@LAVONYORK awesome! I'm excited to read it!!! @TiffanyWallace ooh yeah! I bet if we all make some SPN stuff they'll listen for sure ^_^ they just need to see enough to notice!
all my family of Winchesters, I am very serious about Vingle giving us some space.. So if you know someone who likes Supernatural as much as we do, please tag them, so when post are created we can refer back to this page to get some names to tag :)
Hahaha. That makes me think of the time Dean was infected with that ghost sickness, making him terrified of everything. Oh my god, the scene with the cat in the locker! 😂
I'm super happy the new season started off raw as fuck
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