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Halloween is amazing and fun and full of everything amazing...aka candy and costumes. But running around in the dark, everyones face hidden by a mast, and literally taking candy from strangers can make this night a little dangerous too.
Good thing iPhones have thought about that.
Check out these awesome apps that can let you rest easy knowing your friends and family are safe.

Family Locator

This is pretty much a GPS tracker that allows you to send out your location in real time. This way family back at home can make sure you are safe. This app also allows you to send out SOS signals with the push of a button with their exact location in case of emergency.

My Panic Alarm

This app is perfect for Halloween when the streets are crowed. If something bad is about to go down just press the button and a loud alarm will sound alerting everyone in the vicinity that you need help. Bright flashing colors will also go off insuring that people notice you.


This is considered a family-oriented private social network. On this app you can have private chat rooms, share your location, and call for roadside assistance. You can even be alerted when a family member (aka a kid trick or treating without a parent for the first time) leaves the specified area.
These are awesome, and very useful for Halloween! Great card!
Love these so much! and I’m keeping it for Halloween and for the future nights going out. Definitely sharing with my buddies :)