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Freehand Thor with my favorite illustration ink pens by Sakura. I did several layers of what I call "Hyper-Cross Hatching"... using the ultra fine tip of the Micron 005 pen, shifting each layer 45 degrees. I love the Character of Thor... and I enjoy Chris Hemsworth in the role. I hope you all enjoy it!
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@LAVONYORK - thank you so much! I've pretty much accepted that I'm a total out of control maniac-lunatic - but one who's mania and lunacy is under wraps because of activities such as illustration, music, and photography. Without these outlets I'd probably be impossible to be around. :D
@LAVONYORK lol you r silly
@JonPatrickHyde Iove that answer! I think If I did not have my video games and (I tried to be a photographer once it was bad....) I would be absolutely of the wall and not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
@amobigbang I am remarkable crazy lol! And silly too!
@JonPatrickHyde you sir are a great artist with amazing skill