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Alright guys continuing on with learning!
After the basic vowels あ、い、う、え、お there's the K consonant vowels;
The K consonants are a basic combination of the vowels + K.
か| as in Cactus
き| as in Key
く| as in Koo
け| as in Ken
こ| as in Coco
➞[These " 「」" are basically hooks in Japanese. We call them brackets and they call them 鉤 which means "hook."]
Here are some Kanji words in brackets along side the Hiragana reciprocal.
For Example, try saying these:
かい 「階」: Story, Floor
かう 「買う」: To value, to have a high opinion
き 「木」 : Tree , wood, timber
きく 「聞く」: To hear
く 「区」 : Ward, district
け 「毛」: Hair, fur
こえ 「声」: Voice
The next section will get a little complex but nothing that can't be done.
*Also if possible you should always listen to a native speaker just to make sure your pronunciation is on point.
➥ さ |し |す |せ | そ