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Like I dont know if im the only one but I started doing some research on Uta from tokyo ghoul (if you dont know him, I suggest you to watch tokyo ghoul man!) well getting back to the point. well you see the tattoo on his neck it says "Nec possum vivere nec sinete" which stands for -> I cannot live with you,nor without you .... when I read this out loud I was like oh my this is to deep that I wish uta was real so I can hug him and probably let him make a mask just for me... oooo yes ~♡
@KyoroKushy OMG yeah he does wow im just going to be live that he's uta hold up im going to Japan ... *realizes I dont money for that * why is world so cruel 😢
That tattoo perfectly represents the relationship between ghouls and humans and he even tells us the translation when he talks to kaneki in the manga sorry I just had to throw my two cents in cause I think Uta is a very interesting character to say the least
@Jason41 true true
I have that same realization like 5 times a day :'(
stupid auto correct ... @KyoroKushy hehe
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