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Sooo I was watching AMVs today, because what else would I be doing, and I found this one which I think is super amazing. I think the song is the best combination of inspiring up-beat-ness and somber sense of loss. Since I'm nowhere near caught up in One Piece, there's a lot of this AMV that is unfamiliar to me and that I don't get, but it is still dope as hell!

What do all the other Strawhats here think?

Gah, the emotions that boil up inside of me every time i see a well put together amv. If only i had time to re-watch all the episodes again. May his fire never burn out.
@Beeplzzz You should continue! I love that fight scene. But its very amazing. i think that episode is 687... But i might be wrong, but its Definetly worth watching.
it is childish at times but it is very serious at times too @AshleySweets
that was awesome !! I know next to nothing about one piece. my hubby constantly says it's too childish and it's discouraged me from giving it a try. But wooow!! I may give it a shot because of this! so much raw emotion and so well made
thats freaking amazingggg!!!!... i haven't even gotten that far! but im so stoked to continue!!! 馃槅馃槅馃槅
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