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The Office is one of the few shows that I watched from start to finish during my young adult life. Even though one of the reasons I love it so much is simply because it gives me feelings of nostalgia, that doesn't mean I haven't learned anything from it.
I was never big into Halloween. I always felt a weird kind of pressure from it so I tried not to care about it or learn how to act in Halloween-related social situations. But thank goodness for The Office, right? Here are some things I learned from television's best show according to Paul's Nostalgia.

It's cool to dress up as people you know

For a time, I always thought it was pretty weird to dress up like someone you know. I mean how are other people going to know that you know this person and are dressed up like them? To everyone in the world this is completely confusing. But to the person you are mocking with your terrible interpretation of them, you just made their year.

It's about being a monster

Sometimes it's fun to forget who you are because you're the absolute worst. You have three-hundred-and-sixty-four days of looking at yourself in the mirror. And do you know what you see? A failure, working in middle management or retail. You're not doing what you loved. So take this one night, to be the monster that you feel like you've become. Be the person your teenage self would hate.

It taught me about love during Halloween Season

The last time I was in a relationship (30 ghost-years ago) I was at a party filled with people dressed up like ghouls and goblins and Mary Poppins. There were lights flashing (all colors) and music playing (just dance music). Most of the attendees were doing handstands on something called a keg that looked insanely uncomfortable. Then, my date decided to dance with everyone except me. And even though I started seeing them in a different light (see: lost all respect for person), I realized I have to love them anyway.

It's weirdly profound

I think it's amazing that being scared is scary and it sucks but we all love being scared and scary. I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep after closing my eyes and seeing the face of the demon in my nightmare. Just that bloody smile and clown makeup and weird butcher knife. I hate that. OH! And there's the nightmare that all the people I love and care about are in a line and I'm at the front in a booth. Then they all take turns telling me how I have disappointed them. How I'm a failure. How I've never been a good son, or a good brother, uncle, nephew, or cousin. But the line never ends. They say one thing then get back in line. It's a never-ending train of disappointment, sadness, and failure.
And after learning all of those things about Halloween, I realized that it's my favorite holiday. Who doesn't want to remember their failures and missteps? Who doesn't want to settle for a partner who is constantly disrespecting you? Who doesn't wish they were someone or something else?
Am I the only one? Am I? I can't be the only person who loves this holiday because I'm tired of the life I decided to live, right? Anyone? Hello? Is anyone out there?
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You are most certainly not alone.