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i don't know if you can read this but here is what it says. (i also got this from tumblr i assume it's true) An ahgase began her fanacc at a got7 fansign event by informing that she sometimes smokes electronic cigarettes when she's stressed. it wasn't something she was proud of but it is a fact. and you'll later know why she is revealing it. back to her fanacc at a got7 fansign event. when she reached jb's turn, she wanted to hand him a present the she'd prepared. the thing was, she didn't but jb's present in a seperate gift bag or anything, she just brought his gift in her handbag with all her belongings, including her e-cig. she had planned to be careful and pull out the gift carefully but she said seeing jb got her so excited that all of the belongings in her bag fell out on the table right infront of jb. she didn't notice at first that her e-cig also got out of the bag until she saw jb staring at her with wide eyes and a startled expression. she quickly put her belongings back into her bag, and hid the e-cig in her pocket. she gave jb his present and waited for him to sign her album. but then suddenly jb put out his hand, as if he is asking for something more so she said that is the only gift she prepaired and apologized to him. and then jb said "hand me the thing in your pocket". she was sort of caught off guard at this point and she thought jb wanted that as a present as well so she asked " do you smoke too, perhaps?" and then jb just sighed, placed his marker on the table and said, "i won't sigh your album until you give that to me" she was really shocked and really didn't want to give it to jb and the staff was already nagging both her and jb. asking to "hury up and sign her album" but jb ignored that and firmly stayed and said " i won't sign until you give it to me" so she ended up handing the e-cig to jb since she didn't want the other fans to wait because of her. after jb got the e-cig from her he said, " if your going to give birth to a child that looks as beautiful as you in the future, you shouldn't do this. i won't sign your album until you promise me that you'll quit smoking so come on say it" jb wouldn't let go of her hands until she promised so she promised to quit smoking as jb wanted. and only after that jb smiled at her, signed her album amd said " keep your promise okay? i'll make sure to ask you about your progress next time" so right now, she said she'd quit smoking thanks to jb please no hate to jb or the girl this makes me so happy. i repsect jb so much for this. he is an amazing leader and a good person. he is a huge reason why got7 is such an amazig group. got7 always tries ther best to make their fans happy and healthy. things like this and the lyrics of "just right" show how much they care.