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So my 11 year old nephew is really into k-pop and likes Beast and Nu'est, and loves G-dragon, Seungri, Big Bang, and B.A.P. I'm pretty sure he'd like the band because he likes rap, it's more that I want to know if they are appropriate-ish with their lyrics. I know I wouldn't show him Rap Monster's solo stuf. because he cusses A LOT. But it seems like the group seems as safe as the others but I haven't been listening to them for long. Just wondering if any long-time fans could give any input. I'd appreciate it!!
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It's appropriate, just don't play some of the Cyphers, I think, and definitely not Rapmon's solo stuff
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@JayDay Definitely not lol
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I would say most of they're songs have no cussing, just watch out for a few songs that I can't remember off the top of my head
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well kookie literally just became legal himself. most of their stuff is safe i think maybe war of hormone you might want to scan over the english lyrics to see if the subject matter is what you want to show him though.
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@AbbyHudson That one I wouldn't show him because I did look them up. He will probably see it on his own at some point but oh well lol it really isn't that bad. @Elaynethtrumpet Will do! Thanks for the replies!
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