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Alright! New here (kinda) and this place looks amazing. But obviously as a noob I need motivation............ maybe help. CREEPYPASTA YAOI ANIME FOOD POETRY SCARY STORIES MUSIC PERSONAL CRAP PSYCHOLOGY MUCH MORE I'm a 100% Mexican (yes) and yeah... I do speak Spanish.
CREEPYPASTAS. Yes. I love it. I know I know... Jeff is my favorite. Along with his brother. I love to roleplay! And creepypasta is always an option right on the spot.
YAOI. Indeed! Love watching and reading a good smut *wink wink* Any others who like it ._. Want to roleplay? please don't hesitate to massage meeehh... I'm literate! I have troubles finding an OTP... dang I'm messed up...
ANIME. Tokyo Ghoul has been my favorite. I've seen Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist (still watching), Vampire Knight, Zombie loan, Death Parade (S.W.), DragonBall, 8th grade syndrome, Corps party (Anyone watched cryotic monkey play?). I want to see Juunjou Romantica! Any others recommended? Any action, gore, psychological, action, comedy, not too romantic, and all that good stuff. And yaoi. NO! BOKU NO PICO. Damn.
FOOD. Mexican food is amazing... like.. holy crap. I just can't talk about food cuz... there's too much to say...
POETRY. I love to write down what I want to write about. Not the school shitt. If something pops to my head I usually write it down. I'll try to use Vingle for those occasions... Already wrote a few! Any suggestions or questions I should write about?
SCARY STORIES. I love them. I love reading and writing them. I listen to Mr creepypasta on YouTube. Any suggestions on what I should listen to!? I haven't listened to him in a while.. I'll try writing my own soon for Halloween! (I have to read mine in front of an audience tomorrow[30th] since mine passed the audition!)
MUSIC. So many genres that I just love! Fall out boy, Imagine Dragons, Five Finger Death Punch, Adele... so many! I'm kinda crawling into the k-pop, J-pop community... any groups I should listen to!? I like the boy bands c;
PERSONAL CRAP. I'm a Gemini... so I may be posting these kinds of things. Or just my own crap that happens in my puny life. Enjoy!
PSYCHOLOGY. Taking a psychology class. Really love it! A lot of interesting things! Have any questions you can ask me!
MUCH MORE. I love wasting my time on YouTube. Vanossgaming, MARKIPLIER, Cry, The fine bros, good mythical morning, Matthias, and a lot more!!
THANKS LOVELY BABES... I would appreciate the help and see if there's anyone with the same type of stuffff.
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@matildajgarrett I messaged ya xD
nice to meet you馃憢
@Anmielover101 c': hello!
Wasting time on YouTube happens to be my second nature lol
@Unknown175 YouTube is an every day life necessity c':