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Oh god. Someone help. Another Halloween recipe that might just be too creepy to eat – and maybe even too creepy to look at?

I suppose I have no one to blame but myself for all this. I just have this insatiable morbid curiosity sometimes, like when I fall into Internet holes of researching intimate details of serial killers' childhoods and things like that.
But with Halloween right around the corner (IT'S SO CLOSE, YOU GUYS), I just can't resist a little ~spooky food~!!
Blogger Not Martha made this disgusting treat using a hand gelatin mold and a lot of creativity. She went through several iterations before finding the ultimate creepy combination, topped with melted cheese that looks disturbingly like roasted skin.
If you'd like to make your own or see more photos of the process, you can find her recipe on her blog here!
For more gross-out Halloween food, check out yesterday's horrifying hors d'oeuvre, a skinned meat skull with creepy eyeballs! D:
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I would be so down to eat this.
I want it someone send me it
EW lol @Danse dead body loafs?!? Ugh seriously. Some people really do have iron stomachs. The photos creep me out... but I think my morbid side gets the best of me! XD I'm sad Halloween is over now. It was so much fun :)
@kisnow @LephistoTaiki @danidee I'll make some for you guys and mail you each a finger! ;D
@allischaaff that would be awesome