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Enough said.... I didn't know that they had done a video on the V app and today I gushed to my friend that I absolutely LOVE Wonho and Hyungwon!
And she does this.... I mean she screenshot ALL of these just for me! Heh
Look at my cutie!! Also a side of Minhyuk, IM and Jooheon
So I wanted to share this with all you lovely people Anybody Wonho /Hyungwon biased??? Some Shownu here too..
Agh!!! I can't take it no more heh! (~^-^)~ Hope you enjoyed!!
Hyungwon is my Favorite Vampire β™‘
Dood I was fangurling cray cray watching them arrive to Music Bank like this kekeke 😍😍😍
@ARMYStarlight ever since I watched Blood ( aka BEST DRAMA IVE SEEN ) I've developed a bit of a thing for vampires ;-; this was ehm.... Lovely xD
@ArmyofKookie Hah I kind of spazzed when I got these heh
Oh no Oh no Oh no oh no MONSTA X as vampires Oh no Oh no X-x