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I was eating breakfast at my aunt and uncle's house when my aunt served me up some coffee in this mug with my uncle's face on it. My uncle is a pretty serious guy - well, until he's had a few drinks, which is how this picture came about! The mug was a gift my cousin made for my uncle so he can wake up every morning and relive that moment, which is pretty hilarious and creative, in my opinion.

What's the funniest gift you've ever given to someone?

I remember one year, I bought my dad a rubber alien fetus in a jar. (In my defense, it's what he wanted for Christmas!)
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@danidee You need a mastermind of trickery to get her back
I can tell you the funniest gift I've ever received (not given)... A pair of teeny-weenie whitey-tightie Hanes mens' underwear - for a squirrel. Well, there was a squirrel model on the package wearing said briefs, so I assume they're for squirrels. Too big for chipmunks, too small for rabbits. I don't have a squirrel.
LMAO @JPBenedetto So what did you end up doing with it?!
@danidee - Ummm...The undies are still on my mantle, in their package, a display of squirrel masculinity, I suppose. But now I'm actually wondering if the intent was to get me to actually attempt to clothe a woodland rodent! (???) Birthday from 3 years ago. Hahaha (I have moved them to and fro during dusting/cleaning but they always end back up on the mantle)
@JPBenedetto LMAO Someday you will find a use for them.