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Ellen DeGeneres Inspired 'Hello' (Well, Not Really)
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Don't hang up on Ellen.

Hilariously, Ellen DeGeneres debuted her "Hello" skit this week on her Thursday episode of Ellen. With Adele's sky high success of her new single, it was only a matter of time before Ellen hopped in on the fun. "Hello" is Adele's first single to be released in over four years and because of the single's success, the internet has been in a frenzy over creating meme's and video spoofs.
In Ellen's spoof, she takes a call from Adele. Ellen jokingly mocks the bad connectivity, "The connection's bad, did you say you're eating beets?" She then continues to act like she can't understand Adele while munching on potato chips. However, it doesn't just stop there.
"It might be easier to hear you if you stop playing that piano," she jokes.
Then Drake is thrown into the mix and Ellen gets fed up when Lionel Richie calls shortly after. Obviously Ellen just wants everyone to get to the point so she can carry on with her day. But for Richie, she just doesn't have the time or patience.
Speaking of Richie, his tongue in cheek comments criticized Adele's new song, "I was so amazed. Everyone said, 'Lionel, Adele is doing your song Hello,' and I said, 'No she's not,' and all of a sudden I heard 'Hello,'" Richie told DuJour on Wednesday.
"Even though she didn't cover the song, (just) the word Hello, automatically everyone called me on the phone and said 'she used Hello,' and I said, 'Well, I kind of own Hello,'" Richie continued. "But not to the point where it's any kind of problem. I'll loan 'Hello' to Adele."
Glad we got your approval, even if Ellen didn't even want it.
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