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Well it's that time of year again! SM Town held their annual Halloween party and here are just some of the costumes artists chose this year. We have : Ronald McDonald, Sesshomaru (? it's been forever since I tried to spell that name), Sadness, Harry Potter, Chucky, Baek is a character from Kik I think, Charlie Chaplin, telebubie Heenim, Howl, Jack Sparrow, a Wolf, Col. Sanders, Kingsmen Suho and Sehun, Kai (?), Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Maleficient x2, Alice in Madness, No Face, Red Ridinghood, Wolf, I forget what all Red Velvet were.
Anyone get any ideas for your own costume? Click the link to read the article!
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Oh my god. A teletubbie. That is simply amazing.
@CreeTheOtaku sadness was sooyoung from girls generation
is Yeri Hermione?
onew and kernel Sanders is the best thing in the world
im in love with him now..... not just because its TOP but the fact that he is either dressed as sesshomaru or sesshomaru mixed with a little bit of inuyasha.