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I decided to continue spreading the Halloween spirit across Vingle with a challenge called 'Halloween in 5 Gifs'! Create your own card, answering the Halloween-themed questions below with any gif you feel accurately answers them. Have fun, and don't forget to tag your other Vingle friends to fill it out!

Question #1: What Halloween costume best fits your personality?

Question #2: What's your favorite Halloween song?

Question #3: What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Question #4: How do you feel about scary movies?

Question #5: Pumpkin Spice - yay or nay?

Now it's YOUR turn. TAG! You're it:

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@loftonc16 Yeah, they can get pricy. I was working at a cafe at the time, and saving up tips from the moment I found out they were doing a world tour. It cost me like $350+... o.o
@danidee I know! The prices are really high. I believe the seats in front of stage were almost 1000 if not that price. But you get other perks
DOING THIS NOW!! you know i love gifs and halloweeeeeeen
@loftonc16 Yeah but I feel like a lot of the perks aren't worth it enough to me.