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BTS performs one of there bangers [Boy in Luv] via the V app [if you don't have this app downloaded, you should do it asap .. it shows you a behind the scenes, off-stage side of idols and other moments as well] aaaaaand now we just have to wait a bit longer, exactly a month, for BTS to make their comeback .. just a little longer Vingle ARMY, FIGHTING !! [Min Suga as Naruto though .. what the what] #BTS #bangtansonyeondan #jeonjungkook #kimtaehyung #btsv #minyoongi #btssuga #kimnamjoon #rapmonster #rapmon #parkjimin #kimseokjin #btsjin #junghoseok #jhope #biasvirus
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@kpopandkimchi haha right? he struggles to make the right hand sign at the end haha .. and yes, while you're dead, SUGA makes a perfect naruto .. what the what
but can we talk about jungkonan please?
poor jin hyung struggling with his costume
i know and i think jimin lost his Mickey hat
all I gotta say .. you know they were sweating hard in some of those costumes .. and is it just me, or is V a little less active in this performance