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Soul Eater - This is Halloween

With Halloween being today, I figured I should do up a list of some dope Halloween- styled AMVs. Startign out with a logical one, it's Soul eater and This is Halloween. Everything in Soul Eater is already slightly reminiscent of Halloweentown, so it lines up perfectly. This'll set you in the right mood for some spoopy stuff.

Tokyo Ghoul - Spooky Scary Skeletons

Tokyo Ghoul is already perfect for Halloween watching. It has enough cannibalistic horror to keep you going. This song pairing makes it a little more lighthearted, and god knows you need some of that after watching it.

Black Butler - Time Warp

Time Warp is just a classic song, man. Maybe not strictly a Halloween-y song, but who cares? It lines up weirdly perfectly with Black Butler.

One Piece AMV - Thriller

It's said that the "Thriller Bark" arc in One Piece was an homage from Odacci to Michael Jackson. I don't know whether that's true, but it certainly lines up well for an AMV.

Madoka Magica AMV - Come Little Children

'Come Little Children' is already creepy as all hell, but combining it with the young members of Madoka Magica in this AMV brings it to a whole new level.