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One of the best Vinglers in the whole wide Vingle world has tagged me in a Halloween challenger. WHICH IS @DANIDEE !!!
So basically, you just give a response with a GIF to the Halloween-related questions asked.

kk..ready....set.....SPOOKY (^_^)

Question #1: What Halloween costume best fits your personality?

Question #2: What's your favorite Halloween song?

Question #3: What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Question #4: How do you feel about scary movies?

Question #5: Pumpkin Spice - yay or nay?

Now it's YOUR turn. TAG! You're it:

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Lol. Cool. 1- Belle, from beauty and the beast. 2- definitely Michael Jackson Thriller. 3- I don't have a favorite candy. 4- love scary movies. 5- no, I had once and I didn't like it.
2 years ago·Reply
YESS THRILLER! I was born in the wrong generation, I swear! !
2 years ago·Reply
how the fish balls do I do this? D: I don't know how to find only gifs on Google
2 years ago·Reply
@Luci546 try giphy.Net
2 years ago·Reply
thank you O:
2 years ago·Reply